Dust catches light


In Dust Catches Light Marie Sjøvold deals with her own pregnancy and her grandmother’s dementia. The history is told through self-portraits, portraits of Sjøvold‘s grandmother, various old photographs, two short films and a letter.

“...the house is empty now. All of your things have gone. Can you imagine, fifty years of things disappearing in six hours? Deep in the cellar, Ludvig and I found a treasure chest: Pictures from an entire life, contained within a small, red casserole dish. The images you chose not to include in your photo-albums.

After you moved from the house it was as if time stood still.  All of the memories from the past, the present and the future have blurred into one….”

Edition of 500 copies (sold out)

Journal förlag
Pages: 50
Isbn nr.: 9789197887649
Language: UK