Marie Sjøvold (1982, NO) is a camera based visual artist working on long term projects. Her passion for photography started at the age of seven and through childhood and youth the camera became the viewpoint from where she studied humans and their behavior. From 1999-2003 she studied photography with photographer Kjell Brustad in Oslo. In 2003 she moved to Berlin, where she started doing independent works and exhibitions. In parallel, she worked as a photojournalist, traveling the world on assignments for newspapers and magazines. The documentary work influenced her personal work and steered it a more political direction on anthropological issues.
In 2008 she moved back to Norway and did the project “She is”, which was published as the book “Dust Catches Light” in 2011 by Journal Forlag. In 2011 she was also awarded “European Photo Exhibition Award” and from 2011-2013 she is part of Norwegian Journal of Photography, a program supporting 10 independent photographers in Norway. Her work has been exhibited in galleries, museums and on photo festivals worldwide such as Deichtorhallen (Hamburg), Calouste Gulbenkian (Paris), Lumina Photo Festival 2012 (Lucca), Goethe Institutt, (Oslo), le Bar Floréal (Paris), Fotogalleriet (Oslo), Fotografisk Center (Copenhagen), Pingyao International Photofestival (China), Riga Photomonth (Riga) and at the Nobel Peace Center (Oslo) and many more.

Selected publications: Pust (2006, self-published), Disappearing Hours (2007, self-published), Dust catches Light (2011, Journal Forlag), and Norwegian Journal of Photography (2013, Journal Forlag).
Upcoming book: Midnight Milk (Fall 2015, Journal Forlag)

I work with photography and video installation to explore and expose themes such as the home, time, identity and reality in order to understand what these concepts mean at different stages of life. My work transgresses boundaries between genres and shows a playful and intimate approach towards serious thematics. I strive to tell universal stories and I use myself and my family with experiences from my life in my projects.

The exhibition and book Dust catches light (Journal forlag, 2011) is a story about my pregnancy and my grandmothers simultaneous drift into dementia. The images and short films of the project is mainly photographed in my grandparents' empty house and in my new home in Oslo. I wanted to capture a time of waiting. The physical and mental changes. With a baby girl kicking in my belly it became very clear that a new family era was soon to come. Time was standing still, and the house became a symbol of the meeting between the past, present and what was yet to come. I made ??cardboard figures of my grandparents in their natural size in order to place them back into their home and into my story. In the project Midnight Milk (2011- 2014) I focus on what happens to the identity and self-image of a woman when she becomes a mother. The identity of European women is in a state of constant flux, but I don't see the role of being a mother changing at the same speed or in the same direction. This creates a conflict and an ambivalens for many women. The essay Midnight Milk is a photographic voyage through my own life, trying to capture this special state of mind.

Common for all my work is that they are composed of small glimpses from physical and mental landscapes, over time all these elements fuse together to larger formations and a larger image. I portray observations in my everyday life, but also a staged and subjective reality. The aspect of time is static and smeared, often the projects have a circular form so beginning and end is connected.

Although my work the last ten years consist of different projects with different themes, they are all connected to each other. Whether it is a small intimate book on an unknown person 's bedside, images on a museum wall or installations in private homes, they are all a part of a bigger life project. My life project.


Review of "Dust catches light" in the Swedish magazine Fotografisk Tidskrift by Malena Rydell.

This is what was written about the exhibition "She is" in the Norwegian newspaper
Klassekampen by André Løyning

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CV for Marie Sjøvold


2016 Kristiansand Kunsthall, Kristiansand, NO (Upcoming November 2016)
2014 Trafo Kunsthall, Asker, NO
2014 Monrepos museum, Germany, GE
2010 "She is", in my grandparents house, Krokstadelva, NO
2008 "Disappearing Hours" by Sjovold-Schueppel, Tembi, Yogyakarta, ID
2008 "Hide&Seek", in my grandparents house, Krokstadelva, NO
2007 "Disappearing hours" by Sjovold-Schueppel, Galleri Hornbæk, DE
2007 "Berlin Song", Goethe Institutt, Oslo, NO
2007 "Berlin Song", L.U.X, Berlin, GE
2006 "Pust", Asker museum, Asker, NO
2005 "Trinn", Skarsnuten, Hemsedal, NO
2005 "Trinn", Galleri Rubicon, Bergen, NO


2016 Kunsthall Grenland, Porsgrunn, NO (Upcoming January 2017)
2015 Galleri F15, Moss, NO (Upcoming November 2015)
2015 Hå gamle prestegård, Hå, NO (Upcoming October 2015)
2015 Milan Image Art Fair, Milan, IT (Upcoming April 2015)
2014 Pingyao International Photo festival, Pingyao, CN
2014 Light Factory, Slemmestad, NO
2014 Riga Photo Month, Riga, LV (May 2014)
2014 Beyond Realism, Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen, DK
2013 “EPEA 01-European identities”, Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, NO
2013 Fotogalleriet Editions, Fotogalleriet, Oslo, NO
2013 Livsløp, Oslo Bymuseum, NO
2012 “European Identity”, Haus der Photographie, Hamburg, DE
2012 “EPEA 01-European identities”, Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian, Paris, FR
2012 “EPEA 01-European identities”, Lucca Photo Fest, Lucca, FR
2012 “Family buissness”, Voies off, Arles, FR
2011 “In Person”, Stillhetsfestivalen, Esviken, NO
2011 “Ut med det”, Oslo City Hall, NO
2010 “She is" slideshow in Rencontres Dárles 2010, Photo festival, Arles, FR
2010 “Sort of Safe" with "She is", on tour in Europe
2010 Slideluck Potshow with "She is", Oslo, NO
2010 “Stillhetsfestivalen”, Esviken, NO
2010 “Alderdom. Frykt eller fryd”, Asker museum, NO
2009 “Les Visas de l'ANI" with "She is", Bar Floreal, Paris, FR
2009 “Sort of Safe" with "She is", on tour in all the nordic countries
2008 “Jeg har en koffert i Berlin...", The national library, Oslo, NO
2008 “Kunst rett vest", Arena Vestfossen,Vestfossen, NO
2007 “1001 natt", opening of Literaturhuset, Oslo, NO
2007 “Pust”, Nordens hus, Reykjavik, IS
2007 “Norsk fotohistorie”, Preus museum, Horten, NO
2006 “Årets bilde 2005”, Oslo Domkirke, Oslo, NO
2005 “De tror det er dyret i meg..” with Marthe Berger Walthinsen, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo, NO
2004 “Shiver at twilight” with Carla Herrero, Jewel box, Berlin, GE
2004 “Waiting for twilight” with Carla Herrero, Gallerie Azul, Berlin, GE
2004 “Cocoon” with Marthe Berger Walthinsen, Super Horst, Berlin, GE


2015 Fritt ord, book support to "Midnight Milk”
2014 Two year work grant from Norsk kulturråd/ Art council Norway
2013 Norske fagfotografers fond, exhibition/book support to "Midnight Milk”
2012 One year work grant from the Arts Council Norway.
2011 European Photo Exhibition Award by Fritt Ord, exhibition support to “European Identity”
2011 Fritt Ord, project support to At night we sleep.
2010 Fritt ord, book support to "Dust catches light”
2010 Norske fagfotografers fond, book support to "Dust catches light”
2009 Fond for Lyd og Bilde, project support to "In Person”
2008 Karina Jensens minnefond, project support to "The house in North Dakota"
2007 Norsk fotografisk fond, project support to "Disappearing hours"
2006 Fond for Lyd og Bilde, project support to "Pust"
2006 Håndverkerbedriftenes landsforbund, project support to "Pust"
2006 Asker kommune culture scholarship, project support to "Pust"
2004 TRAFOs project scholarship
2003 Asker & Bærum Budstikke's culture scholarship
2002 Oluf C. Johanssen scholarship for exceptional performance under the exam


2002-2007 Living and working in Berlin
2000-2002 Trainee at photographer Kjell Brustad, Oslo, Norway
Photography exam, and receiver of scholarship for exceptional work


2011 European Photographie Exhibition Award
2011 Norwegian Journal of Photography
2009 Shortlisted Magnum expression Award 2009, International
2008 Nordic Master Class of Photojournalism.
2006 2. place "Picture of the year", NO


2015 Midnight Milk (Will be publihed fall 2015, published by Journal)
2014 Just a Small piece of Nature at the Centre of the Universe (self published)
2013 Tronsmo 40 år
2012 European Identities (published by Kerber verlag)
2013 Norwegian Journal of Photographie (published by Journal)
2012 European Identities (published by Kerber verlag)
2011 Dust catches light (published by Journal)
2011 Ut med det (Catalogue Støttesenteret mot incest)
2009 Sort of Safe (Book published by Ajour)
2007 Norsk fotohistorie (Book published by Det Norske Samlaget)
2007 Jeg har en koffert i Berlin (Catalogue publihed by the national library)
2007 Disappearing hours (self published catalouge)
2006 PUST (self published catalouge)
2006 Picture of the year 2005 (catalogue)

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