Kunstanmeldelse ved Mona Pahle Bjerke

Et av de flotteste prosjektene i Henie Onstad kunstsenters utstillingen «Norsk dokumentarfotografi» er Marie Sjøvolds «Om natten er alle alene.» Sjøvold gir dokumentarfotografiet noe poetisk og magisk.
— Mona Pahle Bjerke


The last year I was logged off social media as a part of a book project I am working on. Cutting myself off ways of getting information, I came to appreciate newsletters in a new way. Starting this summer I will start to send out newsletters when I feel like I have something I want to share about my work and living as an artist. Naturally I will share upcoming exhibitions, artist talks and book releases, but also share thoughts and pictures from my work process. If you would like to get a newsletter from me, please sign up here:

BONDFIRE: Heaps of words

I will be present at Fotogalleriet in Oslo together with these artistes:Marte D. Jølbo, Christian Tunge, Morten Andersen, Line Bøhmer Løkken, Terje Abusdal, Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson, Christina Leithe Hanssen, Nina Strand, Charlie Fjätström, Fin Serck Hanssen, Marie Sjøvold and Tiago Bom.

June 15th, 11.00-17.00.

Come and we will talk about and saw photo-books together.

Fotogalleriet writes:

Fotogalleriet invites you to join us for an early St. Hans celebration! Do not miss the opportunity to listen to interesting artist presentations and the chance to get yourself some nice photobooks ahead of the summer holidays.

Dear fire fighters,

If you are reading this invite, you’re welcome to join us but only for listening in to incredible stories. We are preventing flames as much as you are, or to say it better, we are committed only to flames which are allowing people to think freely; our flames are only figurative and not material, and hopefully they just provoke change.

For this reason we prefer to sit down around an imaginary bonfire – rather than a real one (we all know well these times are getting tougher as the atmosphere is dry; but we can still have the food and fun of a real gathering)– while longing for the arrival of the midsummer night to celebrate with tales, meditation, stories and life adventures fearlessness, courage, and the unforeseen of life.

We have an incredible cluster of artists lined up for the occasion, and we look forward to honour antirepressive, scandalous and unorthodox believes (and all that lies in between). We respect photobook’s textuality and visuality in all of its forms, and we thank Mr. Gutenberg for his invention (we know he didn’t think of photobooks already of course, but quasi) which flooded Europe with books, as much as with manifest disruptive ideas intermittently carrying real power for change.

This is a chance to own a book, take care of it and preserve it for the future and hold home a testimony to the power of ideas: let’s make sure no danger will ever come near a photobook.

Long life to ideas!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/2326487004...

Opening Solo exhibition at Liepāja Museum, Latvia

I am opening a solo exhibition at Liepāja Museum, Latvia on the 9th of November 2018.


In her exhibition They Crept into Their Father’s Sleep, Marie Sjøvold seeks to create a space for reflecting on traumas, memories, and dreams that sometimes even span generations.

We live at a time when we are confronted every day with important questions about how we should receive people who are seeking refuge in Europe. Sjøvold wants this exhibition to raise awareness and to remind us that it was not so long ago that our own grandparents had to flee from persecution and face being put in concentration camps. The exhibition is intended as a venue where it is possible to talk about experiences that people in her grandfather’s time preferred to suppress, but that nonetheless rose to the surface at night and during sleep.

According to the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard, the house is not only a venue for living but a venue for dreams– dreams that are continuously being infiltrated by the memories and dreams of the past. We live therefore at many different times simultaneously, and our imaginations colour our experiences. The house – the small, intimate area that frames so many of the major experiences of our lives – is key to Sjøvold’s exploration of concepts such as time, memory, sleep, and transformation in They Crept into Their Father’s Sleep. Can it be the case that the experiences of our forefathers during times of war can still affect our own and our children’s lives and dreams?

Sjøvold’s exhibition at Liepāja museum includes a photo installation that presents several layers of transparent photographs on lightboxes. These photographs were taken in 1945 and in 2016, in and around the house where her paternal grandfather lived after he came home from the Second World War, and that later became her father’s house and that is currently the home of Sjøvold and her own little family. The installation also includes three video tableaux filmed at Auschwitz-Birkenau in the same manner she photographed her own home, namely as seen in the light of her grandfather’s personal history. This lends the photos an everyday feel, even as a murkier undertone rise to the surface. This is an exhibition that explores the fragmented, ephemeral nature of memories and what gets passed down from previous generations – things that help shape who we are and what we believe we have experienced.

Curator: Inga Brūvere (LV)

Organizer: Riga Photography Biennial in cooperation with Liepāja Museum

Image: Marie Sjøvold. They Crept into Their Father’s Sleep, 2016



10 November – 2 December, 2018

Liepāja Museum, Kūrmājas prospekts 16, Liepāja.

19. august - 10. september: NEW EXHIBITION//Om natten er alle alene

MARIE SJØVOLD - Om natten er alle alene
Lørdag 19. august kl. 12.00
Kari Hesthamar åpner utstillingen.

Utstillingen består av fotografier og video, og skildrer den unike stemningen, intimiteten og tilstanden som oppstår på natten – mellom mørket og lyset, drøm og virkelighet. Dette er første gang prosjektet stilles ut i Norge.



“Vargtimmen är timmen mellan natt och gryning. Det är timmen då de flesta människor dör, då sömnen är djupast, då mardrömmarna är verkligast. Det är timmen då den sömnlöse jagas av sin svåraste ångest, då spöken och demoner är mäktigast. Vargtimmen är också den timme när de flesta barn föds.” – Ingmar Bergman, Vargtimmen

Jeg er fremdeles våken. Natt etter natt har jeg vært våken. Ventet på at søvnen skal komme til de rundt meg. Lyttet til den ujevne pusten som flyter over i en rytme. I et ubemerkelig sekund er det som om noe forlater kroppene deres. Noe tungt, men på samme tid lett. Det glir over i kroppen min og sprer seg i hele rommet. Opp i taket og inn i alle de mørke krokene. Bedøvende. Jeg kjenner jeg blir tung og varm. Kjemper for å holde meg våken. De forsvinner inn i en verden jeg aldri kan ta del av. De er alene nå. Søvnen er som en liten død. Fysikken og tiden opphører. En natt kan føles som en evighet eller være over på et sekund. Søvnen er et daglig vendepunkt, en slutt og en ny start. En ventetid mellom to hendelser som er et helt liv i seg selv.

-Marie Sjøvold


Vi mennesker bruker en tredjedel av livene våre på å sove, det er en hverdagsmagi, et mareritt og en livsviktighet som er verdt å fokusere mer på. Søvnen og natten er Marie Sjøvold sitt utgangspunkt for å fotografere mennesker og landskap i utstillingen Om natten er alle alene . Utstillingen består av fotografier og video, og skildrer den unike stemningen, intimiteten og tilstanden mellom drøm-og-virkelighet, lys og mørke, som oppstår i deres hjem, sinn og nærmeste omgivelser på natten og i gryningen.

Prosjektet er støttet av Fritt Ord og ble påbegynt da Sjøvold deltok i Norwegian Journal of Photography#1. Flere av fotografiene er publisert i boken Norwegian Journal of Photograhy#1 (Journal Forlag). Dette er første gang prosjektet stilles ut i Norge.