November 28th 2015 - January 24th 2016, Galleri F15, Jeløya

I want to thank the team at Galleri F15 for being so positive, knowledgeable and professional down to every detail throughout the whole process of STØVKRYSTALLER. And I want to thank Damian Heinisch for his beautiful documentation of our exhibition.

"Crystals of Dust presents the camera based projects of Bente Geving, Viktor Micka, Laila Kongevold, Marie Sjøvold and Christine Hansen. Using their own family experiences as points of departure, these artists all explore subjects related to dementia and Alzheimer. This is one of the first art-exhibitions in Norway that deals with such an important issue. Dementia often remains a taboo in our society. The disease is characterized by loss of memory and troubles in executing daily routines. Gradually a patient loses their relational bonds to friends and family.

The exhibition contains visual and sensual approaches to this issue and uses the photographic medium's interplay of memory and the past. As individuals we only remember fragments of our life. When we start forgetting, our memory becomes even more fragmentary. It is as if the memory crystalizes and a distance develops between each and every memory. Photography is also a fragment of reality, this exhibition uses a variety of methods to explore this topic in both a documentary and poetic manner.

Crystals of Dust explores the span between the sufferer's changed relation to his/her environment and the relatives’ reconciliation with this. The exhibition also investigates how we can communicate with family members that are still alive, but have their conditions of life entirely changed."

The exhibition is curated by Christine Hansen